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Recreate the course of the war year after year

Your decisions will determine victory or defeat

The Other Side of the Hill is a boardgame that simulates the effects that the struggle for power within the German High Command had on the development of the Second World War. Up to four players represent military leaders cooperating and competing as they manage Germany’s wartime strategy. To win, they must vie for Prestige by advancing the careers of their chosen Army and Army Group commanders, grabbing their share of victories while the early-war pickings are easy, then avoiding responsibility for battlefield disasters as the Soviets and the Western Allies solidify and push back.


If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, you can still get a copy of The Other Side of the Hill and all the unlocked extras during the Late Pledge period (scheduled from January 25th – February 21th, 2024) – sign up here with no obligation and we’ll let you know by email when it’s available!

Si te perdiste la campaña de Kickstarter, aún podrás conseguir una copia de El Otro Lado de la Colina y todos los extras desbloqueados durante el periodo de Late Pledge (previsto del 25 de Enero al 21 de Febrero de 2024). ¡Apúntate aquí sin compromiso y te avisaremos por email cuando esté disponible!

    The Other Side of the Hill – THE GAME is an historical simulation game with no other purpose than to entertain the players.